Beware of a new CRA Telephone Scam

The AMR Services Security Team recently discovered a new Canada Revenue Agency Telephone Scam. This scam can lead to identity theft, which allows the person on the other line to act on your behalf. This can impact your credit, and many other important things.

Remember that the Canada Revenue Agency will NEVER ask for your Social Insurance Number when calling you.


When the AMR Services Security Team called this scammer, we immediately noticed lots of background noise, as if this person were in a crowded, or public space. This is very suspicious, as the CRA always calls from their call centres, which are fairly quiet. We continued to ask the “agent” on the other line the purpose of their call. They then stated that they were only able to speak to the tax-payer. AMR Services had consent on file to speak to the CRA about this client on their behalf. Once we told the “agent” this, he immediately hung up on us. This is very strange, as the CRA should never hang up on you. If you are unsure of whether or not the CRA is actually calling you, give AMR Services a call. If you are still uncomfortable speaking to the CRA, you can ask us to call the CRA on your behalf (we must have your consent on file).


View more information about this scam by clicking here.